Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too good to be true?

The other evening, the Travel Channel was playing in the background as we tended to some important farming and quizzing on facebook (it's become a mind-numbing habit). Suddenly, we heard something . . . somewhere on the edges of our subconsciences . . . could it be? Did we hear that correctly? Did he just say . . . chocolate pudding fruit?!!!????!!!??

As it turns out, we DID hear it correctly. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!!!! It appears that there is a fruit that, when completely ripe, turns dark brown and looks completely mushy and rotten - like chocolate pudding. But here's the kicker: it TASTES like chocolate pudding, too! You can cook with it and make decadent desserts, and it's HEALTHY because it's FRUIT!!!! A mad googling frenzy ensued and alas, it's not easy to have the darn things shipped directly to you. I could order the plants all day long, but who knows if they would grow here? The Pacific Northwest is rawther different than their native southern Mexico.

In a few minutes, the chocolate pudding fruit episode of the Travel Channel show about weird foods is coming on. Well, it's actually about many foods in Australia, but I blacked out after "chocolate pudding fruit." I plan to do my research. I'll get back to you.


Marge said...

Oh my goodness! The fruit of the gods! But I guess Minnesota isn't any closer to southern Mexico than Washington is! Shucks!

amy said...

Hi, Marge! Doesn't it sound wonderful? In our research we have learned that the fruit itself doesn't ship well because it rots so quickly, but if we can find some we're going to try anyway! I'm on a mission! :-)